At Oasis Accounting, we know the value of satisfaction an individual gets by caring and doing something for other individuals, be it the community or the family’s future. Trusts are an excellent way to provide protection and care for your family’s future and make your contribution to the community.

Our expert advisors manage the legal, accounting and taxation requirements, investment and all the ongoing as well as future issues related to protecting your wealth so it is not wasted and is beneficiary to the people you care for. We are committed to long-term planning, so you have a peace of mind and your wealth makes a real difference in this world. Our strategic trust structure makes your wealth valuable.

Oasis Accounting is a team of highly professional accountants that are dedicated to providing quality trust services. Trust services include trust formation as well as trust administration, monitoring of investments and analysis of end of year taxes. We ensure that all your needs are fulfilled by close collaboration with lawyers, asset servicers, registrars and other relevant entities.

We provide assistance with various types of trusts such as family trusts, minor trusts, charitable trusts and many more.

Want to establish a trust that provides value to others? Feel free to contact Oasis Accounting for establishing a trust.

With the right advice to grow your business, you’ll achieve the freedom to focus on doing what you love.