Tax Returns

Tax returns can be a time consuming, especially if an individual has little to no knowledge. Oasis Accountants ensures to make your tax return process hassle free. We break down the process in easy, achievable steps and ensure that all deductible claims are recorded, so you receive maximum tax refund on your lodgement.

Our team has years of quality experience in tax returns and adhere to ATO obligations. We are also aware of the basic industry practices which ensure that your tax refund is maximized. To top this, we also initialize planning and effective strategies for future tax returns. We get you early in the tax game, record every expenses and purchases and promise to make each year less stressful and manageable.

When an appointment with Oasis Accounting is booked, the client needs to bring along certain documents to make the most of our tax return service. Some of these documents include PAYG payment summary, proof of government allowances, evidence of share dividends, income and expenses from investing in rental properties, work related receipts and any personal superannuation contributions. Our consultants will provide a tailored document list to meet your specific individual needs.

Not getting enough tax refund on your lodgements? Contact Oasis Accounting for taking the headache out of tax return as we make sure to maximize your tax refund.

With the right advice to grow your business, you’ll achieve the freedom to focus on doing what you love.