Payroll Services

Payroll can be a time consuming activity. At Oasis Accounting, our team is committed to take the stress out of the payroll. Our payroll services will ensure that the timesheets have been properly checked before preparing pay slips for salary payments and superannuation. Our team assures that your payroll is accurate.

The ever changing payroll legislation can add an extra level of stress. Oasis Consultants keep themselves updated with all the changes in legislation and puts efforts in understanding your business. We ensure that your payroll meets the compliance requirements, extremely accurate, hassle-free and cost-effective.

Our payroll services provide full client satisfaction as we tailor our payroll service to meet the specific business needs. The payroll services are personalized based on the size of business and the business industry. Several factors are taken into consideration such as the communication, workforce and other requirements as well as limitations.

Payroll services include fully managed payroll services, real time information, online pay slips, third party payments as well as liaison. Where applicable, software solutions are used for payroll services. Oasis Accounting is trustworthy services that understand the sensitivity of your information and maintain full confidentiality. We ensure that you dedicate more time for what matters to escalate your business growth.

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