Cash Flow Forecasting

Oasis Accounting’s Cash Flow Forecasting is an essential service for business owners that helps them to understand the rise and fall of the cash that is available to their business with regards to their decisions and achieved sales target. Our Cash Flow Forecasting also ensures to make strategic adjustments of your cash flow when required.

Cash Flow forecasting service includes a detailed research of Sales Target, turnover and the associated payment terms. Resource allocation for delivering sales is also conducted. Our consultants draft out the worst case scenario for your cash flow and assist you in making relevant changes.

The consultants provide you with ongoing support on increasing cash facilities, injecting cash using other resources and trading solutions. Cash flow forecasting is determined by first preparing a list of assumptions. These assumptions have to be aligned to the business and are based on past performances, estimation of sales growth, seasonality and trends, increment in salaries and wages and other important assumptions.

Cash flow forecasting can be beneficial to your business as it is an effective way of communicating financial information to stakeholders, investors and even professionals from a non-financial background. Forecasting also lays a strong foundation for short-medium term financial decisions, proving to be a beneficial service for businesses of all shapes and structures.

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