Buying a Business

When it comes to buying business, there are several features of the business which need to be researched upon, including its history. History of an existing business is a great factor that determines the success of the business in future.

Oasis Accountant specializes in intensive research of existing business and their working structure. Our intensive research will ensure that you make an investment in the right business to suite your specific needs. Along with this, other points to be considered are future demand for the business, prices and margins, competition in the market and building contacts with appropriate industry associations.

We ensure that you make the most out of the risk and escalate business growth. Buying an established business has several advantages as the initial foundation and ground work has already been established, the target audience and clients have been established, the business is already part of an existing market and there is accessibility to the financial record for an established business.

Oasis Consultants will help you segregate the good investment from the bad investment as most of the businesses for sales are not necessarily a good investment for your need. Our analysis of your selected business will be based on risk evaluation, look at the business value, evaluate the existing staff based on your specific business needs and also examine taxation requirements.

Feel free to contact Oasis Accounting for further assistance on buying your next business.

With the right advice to grow your business, you’ll achieve the freedom to focus on doing what you love.