Business Activity Statements

Business Activity Statements (BAS) are needed for businesses of all sizes. Business Activity Statements are a way to report and pay taxes such as GST (goods and services tax), PAYG (pay as you go) installments as well as other business related taxes. Business Activity Statements are legal obligations.

Oasis Accountants help you in lodging your BAS consistently to meet your legal requirements, so that you stay in the good books of Australian Taxation Office. Be it electronically, by mail or on the phone, our team will ensure that it is lodged meticulously and penalties are avoided at all cost.

We help in keeping a good record of GST on sales, GST on purchases and the total sales so that the time and cost of your business is used efficiently. The major steps to complete your Business Activity Statements successfully are:

  • Preparation of relevant information which is accurate and regularly updated. The receipts, invoices and all other transactions should match the accounting books.
  • Calculating the total amount using accounting software and then transferring the figures to the BAS form
  • Lodging the BAS form and saving a copy of the Business Activity Statement as well as updating the information in the accounting book

Contact Oasis Accounting for completing and lodging your business activity statements.

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